72nd Annual Destin Fishing Rodeo 2020 - Villa Bianca Destin

72nd Annual Destin Fishing Rodeo 2020

Welcome to the 72nd Annual Destin Fishing Rodeo! We are looking forward to welcoming you to our celebration of the largest Charter Fishing Fleet in the country and the bountiful Gulf of Mexico fishery that is the lifeblood of so many of our residents.

The Rodeo is considered an “Angler’s Tournament”, which means, that the boat (private or charter) pays the fee to enter the tournament and anyone fishing aboard a registered boat is eligible to win the prizes – Over 500 of them!

There are over 35 species of fish eligible in the Rodeo in more than 25 divisions – including Junior, Ladies and Senior Divisions. We also have a PaddleBoard Division, Kayak Division and a Pier, Bridge, Jetty and Surf Division There’s a place for everyone at the Rodeo.

We aren’t sure if the Rodeo is going to look diff erent this year, but we do know that the boats will be fishing, anglers will be angling to catch a winner, and Bruce along with Miss Destin 2020, Lauren Adams, will be waiting at A.J.’s to make you famous.

The Rodeo is an open-air family event located at the marina behind A.J.’s in Destin. The facility offers outside dining and an outside viewing area.

We’ll be there every day from October 1st – 31st. Weigh-Ins are everyday behind A.J.’s from 10 am – 7 pm.

Make your reservations to be in Destin in October and hitch up your boat or make your charter reservation. We’re going to have the time of our lives, come Join Us!

Come join us at the 72nd Annual Destin Fishing Rodeo.

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